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What We Do


We specialise in Groundworks, this makes sure the place is study enough to build on.


We design and excecute the plan making sure our client are extreamly satisfied with our work.

RC Frames

RC frame structures are built from concrete that contains steel bars, called rebar.


L E A Construction has an extensive experience in undertaking groundworks for both commercial and residential developments, including foundations, ground bearing slabs, ground beams for piling and hard landscaping.

  • Foundations
  • Concrete Floor Slabs
  • Block and Beam Floors
  • Bulk Excavations
  • Earth Retention Systems
  • Hard & Soft Landscaping
  • Piling Caps
  • Reinforced Ground Beams
  • Underpinning Works Waterproof & Reinforced Concrete (RC)
  • Underground Drainage and Soakaways.

Basement Divider

A basement has many different uses and can add space to your property without exceeding your planning restrictions. With the benefit of retaining the heat in the winter months and remaining cooler in the summer, and the concrete retaining walls providing a soundproof environment, they’re a great way to add additional space to your property.  

  • Installs to any height and any length
  • Installs quickly and cleanly
  • Reconfigure, relocate or remove easily
  • Provides an over 99% dust tight seal
  • Requires minimal floor space
  • Translucent, fire rated and insulated material options available
  • Create segregation between production and storage
  • Prevent cross contamination in goods storage

RC Frames

Reinforced concrete (RC) frames are predominantly used to build structures for large buildings including blocks of flats, office buildings and homes. They consist of beams and columns that are connected by rigid joints to create the structure. The frame forms the skeleton of the structure and is used to support the rest of the build.

  • Slabs
  • Beams
  • Foundation
  • Wall
  • Frame
  • Singly Reinforced Beam.
  • Doubly Reinforced Beam.
  • Over Reinforced Beam.
  • Under Reinforced Beam.
  • Balanced Reinforced Beam.
  • Steel Frame.
  • Timber Frame.
  • Concrete Frame.
  • Fix Ended Rigid Frame.
  • Pin Ended Rigid Frame

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